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Our Services

We look forward to helping your program or project become successful and we will do this by the approaches outlined below.

We have built on our success over several years to ensure that our clients obtain the very best service and have a level of assurance that their program or project will be delivered successfully.


Our Approach

Fox Resourcing will initiate the scoping with the client and identify the project methodology and standard required to fulfil the client’s priorities and governance compliancy. The formal definition of the statement of work and the value proposition will be submitted for the client’s approval.

The following steps will be the implementation execution activities that will be described in the value proposition.

We monitor our services throughout the project life cycle and on a permanent basis with the key stakeholders for the duration of our contractual agreement.

Project Management Staffing

We are able to staff project management requirements on a temporary or full time basis. Our experience and expertise allows us to recruit and select candidates that will fit the strategic needs and culture of your organisation.

All of the Fox Resourcing team are very experienced and highly qualified at usually a Masters degree level. Our team is expert in embedding themselves into an organisation so that after a very short period, there will be little recognisable difference between your own employees and those of Fox Resourcing.

Project and Office Management Outsourced Services

As part of its services, Fox Resourcing can offer managed services for a specific project or for a Project Management Office (PMO). Our team will evaluate and create a value proposition based on our Project Delivery Model that considers the organisational constraints, the culture and the business value chain.

For a dedicated project, program or a permanent project office, Fox Resourcing will provide a centralised project support office that can include portfolio management (with people who would manage the resources), scope management, risk management and operations for the projects.

Flexible services

Depending on the business requirements, these services can sit alongside your existing project delivery organisation or it can be a stand-alone capability delivering against a particular strand of work.

In its simplest form, for small levels of demand, the service would provide one or more Project or Programme Managers actively engaged in the delivery of your projects. Our services contain standard project management software and tools to manage the entire project or program visibility across multiple locations or countries.

Benefits of our services

Our services are flexible, offering tailored project delivery services that correspond to your specific needs to provide:

•  Increased utilisation of contract resources

•  Improved flexibility and agility of contract
    resource utilisation

•  Protection of knowledge capital invested
    in contract resources

•  Standardised tools and processes to
    support the delivery and reporting

•  Create capability to project with
    predictability for success

•  Measurable benefits realisation and

•  Precise reporting that meets your
    company’s governance principles

Project Management Enablement

One key success factor in securing project or programme results is enabling your leaders and teams. They must be equipped with practical methods and applications for the project management life cycle processes, including project governance and change management. This will underpin the project management plan and drive the desired business outcomes. Enablement assists organisations to significantly increase the project environment efficiency and consistency throughout the project phases.

One of our main goals for your organisation is to enable your project leaders and teams so that when we leave your organisation, it is in a far better state that when we started, providing confidence for your staff moving forward.

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