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Success stories

As you would expect, we have many success stories that we can relate. Often we are called in on failing projects to turn them around and get them back into green and have done this successfully on many occasions for some major organisations. We would really love to help your project become a story of success too!

Case Study 1

$5.6 million Data Centre relocation

This project was seven months behind schedule and costing over $200,000 per month in overruns. My charter was to deliver a completed project within 2 months. Within 1 month
I regained control of the schedule and was even ahead and critically, regained the confidence of the client towards the vendors ability to deliver. I then completed the relocation of the DC ahead of projected timeframes saving the vendor more than half a million dollars.

Case Study 2

$2 million security project

This project had completely stalled for 4 months with project delivery team and stakeholder conflict, financial difficulties and dissatisfied customers. I clarified the project scope and effectively delivered a successfully completed project within one month.

Case Study 3

$8 million infrastructure project

This project had an anticipated return on investment of 14% that I increased to an actual profit to 27% on project delivery. That's a little over a million dollars extra profit to the company that they would have otherwise missed out on. I achieved this outstanding result by implementing a rigorous project management methodology, renegotiating contracts and the careful placement
of appropriately skilled people in key positions.

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